How many players can play this game?

As many as you want! We designed this game for a party of one, or a 50 person living room-rager. The sky's the limit.

What are the best places, times, and situation to play?

This game gives you and your friends the power to play anytime, and anywhere. Here are some of our favorite times to play the game:

Do you include celebs from music, TV, sports, or characters from animated shows?

Excellent question. Right now, our database includes actors and actresses from movies and shows since they tend to be the most universally recognized. BUT, we are going to continue to make updates and improvements to the game and we'd LOVE your feedback. So if you have any feature requests, feel free to submit those through our contact page, and we'll see what we can do.

What other ways can I play Kiss, Marry, Kill?

Absolutely. KMK is already legendary and timeless, AND we're cooking up some other fun ways to play the game as we speak. If you want to throw in different questions to ask to keep the game interesting,

  1. KMK Island (or trapped in paradise): Who would you rather hook up with on a yacht, be stranded on an island with, or push off the boat.
  2. Turbulent Skies: Who would you rather hook up with on an airplane, have as your lifelong co-pilot, or strap a parachute to and push out of the plane.
  3. Fashion Fiasco: Who would you rather swap wardrobes with, have as your personal stylist, or lock in a room with a fashion disaster?
  4. Superhero Showdown: Who would you rather fight crime alongside, have as your arch-nemesis, or save the world once?
  5. Foodie Frenzy: Who would you rather cook a gourmet meal for, open a restaurant with, or challenge to a food-eating contest?
  6. Road Trip Roulette: Who would you rather embark on a cross-country road trip with, force to navigate without GPS, or leave behind at a shady gas station?
  7. Workplace Wackiness: Who would you rather be stuck in a never-ending meeting with, promote to your boss's position, or prank with an office prank gone wrong?
  8. Workplace Crush: Who would you rather sleep with as your boss, have as your workplace sweetheart, and fire from their position?
  9. Animal Adventures: Who would you rather have as your pet, be their pet, or give away to a friend because they keep peeing on the rug?
  10. Music Mayhem: Who would you rather start a band with, have as your vocal coach, or silence their music forever with a mute button?
  11. Reality TV Madness: Who would you rather compete against on a reality show, have as your reality TV partner-in-crime, or vote off the island in a dramatic tribal council?
  12. Tech Troubles: Who would you rather have as your tech support, collaborate with on an innovative startup, or delete from your contacts forever?
  13. Time Travel Teasers: Who would you rather go on a time-travel adventure with, entrust with changing a historical event, or trap in a different time period?